• Freighting services for every type of cargo
    JSC "Insolis" provides freighting services for every type of cargo. It doesn't matter if it's a small box or large equipment, bulk or packed, general or hazardous. We will take care of it for You!
  • Full range of logistics services
    We offer a full range of logistics services such as international cargo delivery by roads, railroads, air, sea; storage & handling; customs paperwork & clearance; freighting consult & etc.
  • Quality in each step of delivery
    We care about each customer's time & expenses. Therefore our specialists approach each step of an assigned task with extreme responsibility & attention to deliver the best possible results to clients.
  • Get a quote & freighting consult
    Our specialists will be pleased to make a delivery offer as well as consult on freighting. It's FREE! Please do not hesitate & contact us!


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Full truckload (FTL)/container load (FCL) freighting

Less-than-truckload (LTL)/container load (LCL) freighting

Worldwide freighting

Cargo storage, handling & customs services

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Information about workflow during Covid-19 pandemicDue to the worldwide pandemic, we take all necessary safety measures during each delivery. All involved parties are asked to do their best not to spread the virus by wearing masks, avoiding direct contact with other parties, keeping a secure distance from each other. Also at this difficult time, we ask parties, if possible to exchange the electronic version of paperwork instead of physical ones.
We do our best not to delay any shipments & in most cases the delivery time hasn't changed compared to pre-pandemic time.

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The definition of cargo delivery speed in freighting industry consists not only of physical transportation speed, but of flowless communication between each party of the supply chain, the correctness of accompanying & customs paperwork, rapid thinking & predicting any kind of possible obstacles as well.

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JSC "Insolis" is insured by "Mannheimer Versicherung AG" via UADBB "MAI Baltics". The insurance covers any loss or occurrence in respect of cargo liability, errors & omissions coverage.
Freighting is done only by vehicles that have valid CMR (cargo) insurance.


Cargo fix by lashings, tie-downs, and other specific equipment.
Constant freight tracking.
Vehicle halt only in designated protected areas.

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We provide all necessary freighting services, including cargo storage & handling, customs paperwork handling, freighting insurance, etc.


We always listen to customer's needs and value received instructions.


We implement time-saving solutions for our customers by taking care of all supply chain elements because we understand the enormous value of time.

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We always acknowledge customers wishes & instructions;


All the data provided to our company is kept confidential at all times;


We approach each task with the same accuracy as if we would do it with our own cargo;

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Our team constantly performs freight market research, monitors news and updates related to the supply chain and manufacturing sectors to provide customers with the best possible solutions.

Road freight main directions

JSC "Insolis" provides road freighting almost in all Europe & Asia except Ukraine, N. Korea.
We deliver cargoes by road with curtainsider, box (isothermal), refrigerated (frigo), tautliner, flatbed, tank trailers, cargo buses, vehicle carriers.
It can be a relatively small single unit or even an oversize one, it can be a general-purpose cargo or even a hazardous one with the necessity of temperature control during delivery, a bulk or packed one, it doesn't matter, because of a big variety of vehicle types that we can offer our customers.

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